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Igniting the Fire Magazine
Welcome Igniting the Fire Magazine.  Our goal through this magazine is to spread the message of Jesus Christ.

What began as a burden on my heart in 2007 has been birthed in 2011.  Igniting the Fire Magazine has been a labor of love from the start.

Recently, I asked myself what would it take for a magazine like this one to succeed?  What would make people want to open it and read it?  How can this magazine effect change in the lives of its readers?

The answer.  Igniting the Fire should represent YOU.  It should reach the areas in your life that affect everyday life.  It should answer questions on finances, relationships, children, health and wellness.  It should keep you informed and entertained.  It should be a valuable tool when it comes to bringing awareness to the accomplishments of artists, authors, pastors, teachers that would otherwise go unnoticed because they are not in the mainstream.

Through Glori Radio, ITF Television and now Igniting the Fire Magazine, our mission is to bring awareness to the major issues that concern our world.

Join us as we celebrate the launch of Igniting the Fire Magazine.  To God Be the Glory.

This year promises to be a year of growth and increase. We look forward to sharing this awesome move of God with you.  So stay tuned to Glori Radio and ITF Magazine for more information.